Well-Known People Who Have/Have Had Crohn’s Disease

One day, boredom and curiosity lead me to search Google for, "well-known people with Crohn's disease". Below, you will find just a few names from that list.Source: Wikipedia.  Did you know the following people have/have had Crohn's? Prince Albert (husband of Queen Victoria)Alfred the Great (King of the Anglo-Saxon's)Charles Darwin (English naturalist, biologist, and geologist)Lew … Continue reading Well-Known People Who Have/Have Had Crohn’s Disease

Managing Your Prescriptions Amid COVID-19

"With all the new things to distract us, one thing you don't want to neglect is managing your prescription medications..."

What Causes Digestive Disease

"Processed foods strain(s) the gut. The gut must work harder to extract nutrients from what is essentially skeletalized food. This undigested, processed food remains in the intestines, where it can ferment and cause serious bowel disorders."

Keeping Journals Related to Your Disease

Keeping a journal of your diet, changes in your lifestyle, i.e. exercise; vs. your symptoms i.e. pain, changes in bowel movements, or energy level, can go a very long way in helping manage your symptoms, giving you better overall health and quality of life. These journal entries and notes can be as simple or as … Continue reading Keeping Journals Related to Your Disease

Tired of Feeling Sick & Tired

I just feel so sick of waking up, feeling just good (not bad) enough to get through another day. I feel either too exhausted or too anxious to answer my doctor's medical assistant's phone call's so she can help get me started on a medication that I don't want to be on in the first … Continue reading Tired of Feeling Sick & Tired

Becoming Your Own Advocate Pt. I: Speaking Up for Yourself

With our healthcare system under such tremendous strain, it's more difficult now than ever...

What No One with CD/UC Wants to Talk About

Courtesy of CrohnsAnonymous.com According to CrohnsDisease.com, about 80% of people with Crohn's disease will have a perianal abscess at least once. However, like ostomy's, who wants to talk about that, right? It might be the best-kept secret in the Crohn's disease community. But if it's part of your disease, you have to find a way … Continue reading What No One with CD/UC Wants to Talk About