If you’re like me and have a disease that frequently has you out of commission and in the doctor’s office or, God forbid, the hospital, you will soon find that it pays off to become familiar with your medications.

  1. Make A Med List

Making a medication list is easy to do, and your health care providers will appreciate it immensely. All you have to do is gather your prescription bottles, sit down somewhere quiet, and write out one by one the name of each drug, strength, fill date, and prescriber’s name. You may also want to include the address, telephone, and fax of your preferred pharmacy. Consider having your list laminated. It’ll last a lot longer. Update it as needed, get as creative or plain as you want but remember to keep it to the point.

<p class="has-drop-cap You may want to bring in your prescriptions to your appointments. Although rare, some doctors require this so that they may count your pills. You’ll find it helpful to bring all your meds to the hospital/emergency room. Getting them to the hospital can be tough to remember. I know some people who take their med list, a reminder to go and get all their medications, store it in a small bag with some books, notebook, pen/pencil. Then set the bag aside in case they should suddenly have a Crohn’s flare and must go to the ER. You may find this method a little extreme. It’s up to you, of course. Remember, the point of this is one way or another, to find a way to help you remember to bring your meds with you to the hospital. The reason for doing this: it saves you, your admitting doctor, and hospital pharmacy a few steps and a little time on logistics when you could hand them a list of the meds you take. Of course, your medications will be returned to you when discharged from the hospital.

Even if you have a completely clean bill of health & you’re only in the doc’s office every now & then for an annual check-up, test, physical, or study, it’s still something that, again, your physician and his staff will thank you for and it and you’ll feel better having it.

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