I’m re-reading the by Jordan Rubin, NMD, and Joseph Brasco, MD, called Restoring Your Digestive Health.’

This book is insanely helpful not only for anyone with Crohn’s, UC, IBD, IBS, but also for anyone who wants to learn to eat healthily. This book is for those who have spent years, fortunes, and countless hours in doctor’s waiting rooms — gone through all of the diagnostic tests, prescriptions, etc., only to find themselves sick and searching, still, for answers.

Here is what pops up when you google the book.
“The author, Jordan Rubin, almost died from his battle with Crohn’s disease. The book goes through how he tried many diets, doctors, and medications trying to heal himself. He explains a lot about different diets, foods, carbs, enzymes, and other aids that people use trying to help their guts.”
The inscription reads, “To those who suffer from digestive disorders and often feel “alone” in their suffering, we wrote this book for you.” 

I think that this book is so compelling that I’m working on a full, in-depth profile on it. I only wish I would have done it sooner.

For what I want to convey to readers through this particular article, I’m not going to get into too much more detail about the book itself. Instead, I’d like to point out the following from the chapter called ‘Getting Back to Your Roots.’

Medical Disclaimer:

[“This book presents information based upon the research and personal experiences of the authors. It is not intended to be a substitute for a professional consultation with a physician or other healthcare provider. Neither the publisher nor the authors can be held for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of any of the information in this book. They also cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions to the book. If you have a condition that requires medical advice, the publisher and authors urge you to consult a competent healthcare professional.”]


“We believe that a poor diet plays a role in the cause of most GI disorders. If you try to fuel a car with sawdust, the car will soon break down and quit running. In the same manner, the standard American diet (sometimes known by its acronym, SAD) is not conducive to intestinal health. As the next chapter explains in some detail, the processed foods Americans eat are low in nutrients and high in calories and sugar. They provide short-term energy but not the deep-seated nutrition the body needs for repair, muscle building, and digestion. Processed foods strain(s) the gut. The gut must work harder to extract nutrients from what is essentially skeletalized food. This undigested, processed food remains in the intestines, where it can ferment and cause serious bowel disorders.

However, processed foods are not the only culprits. Here is a list of other causes of GI disease:

  • ◇ High intake of carbohydrates (the book goes into further detail after each of the subjects listed.) 
  • ◇ High intake of sugar. (Further detail)
  • ◇ Hydrogenated oils. (Further detail)
  • ◇ Artificial sweeteners. (Further detail)
  • ◇ Alcohol. (Further detail)
  • ◇ Nicotine and caffeine. (Further detail)
  • ◇ Antibiotics. (Further detail)
  • ◇ Vaccinations. (Further detail)
  • ◇ Corticosteroids. (Further detail)
  • ◇ Oral contraceptives. (Further detail)
  • ◇ Heredity. (Further detail)
  • ◇ Chlorine. (Further detail)
  • ◇ Stress. (Further detail)


‘Restoring Your Digestive Health’
by Jordan Rubin, NMD and Joseph Brasco, M.D.

— —

Crohn’s Anonymous

J. L. McLendon

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