From the foreword of The Inflammation Syndrome

“…more often than not, individuals with chronic inflammation…have low levels of anti-inflammatory antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and other important nutrients. Many patients also have previously undetected adverse food reactions, abnormal gut permeability, yeast overgrowth, and hormonal imbalances. All of these factors can impair the normal functioning of the immune system, sustaining inflammation well beyond its biological usefullness.

The pharmaceutical perspective of information focuses on relieving symptoms through over the counter analgesics and far more powerful prescription drugs. Inflammation does not result from a deficiency of aspirin, cortisone, or Cox-2 inhibitors. Rather, as the information syndrome so well documents, there is a desperate need to address the basic nutritional influences on chronic inflammation. After all, no drug can never make up for a nutritional deficiency. Under these circumstances, it becomes Paramount to nourish a person’s biochemistry with the best nutrition…

…Jack chalum, the author of The inflammation Syndrome is a gifted health rider with a profound understanding of the role good nutrition plays in health. He has written a sound and practical book of benefit to anyone with chronic inflammation. As we red and discussed his book, we visualized Jack working in a huge lighthouse. The light being emitted is the cumulative scientific evidence so deftly organized and clearly presented here. The danger is the jagged rocks of chronic, sustained information, which underlie almost every serious health issue facing modern societee – in the reason for the Lighthouse. All of us – reders, patients, and physicians alike – are piloting our own boats and, as a societee, we are headed for the rocks. Will we see the light? Can we avoid the forces making us drift in the dark? To survive, we must rediscover the great hippocratic ideal: Let food be thy medicine.”

– Ronald E. Hunninghake, M.D.

Medical Director

The Olive W. Garvey Center for Healing Arts

Wichita, Kansas

– Hugh D. Riordan, M.D.


The Center for Improvement of Human Functioning International, Inc.

Wichita, Kansas”

The AI Diet Plan Food Pyramid

“Because of the widespread use of the US Department of Agriculture’s food Pyramid, this drawing might help some people visualize the AI diet plan Pyramid. Food toward the top Are those you would eat the least of, where is those toward the bottom are those you would eat the most of.”

The document below was given to me by my colon-rectal surgeon.

For some of the items of the “foods to avoid” list, I personally think that it would be better to try to look for a way to cut down significantly rather than avoiding altogether. A good example would be sugar: while it’s true that those with inflammation diseases, sugar is harmful, artificial sweeteners can be just as harmful, many believe they can be more harmful. So, when you are shopping and see an item that says sugar free, that means they are likely using synthetic sweeteners, which again, can be more harmful than simply cutting down on sugar intake.

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