Cannabis & Crohn’s Disease PT. I – The Research Doesn’t Lie

When research is done on any given drug, it is done so by scientists, using- yes! Using science. Science does not have an agenda. Science is rigorously testing over and over again. Because science is not about guessing; science is only interested in facts. Science is knowing, and the scientists who risk their reputations to take on research, have no reason to fabricate their findings, as it would undoubtedly lead to devastating professional ruin.

Take a look for yourself. Click on the links below to see the truth about Crohn’s disease and marijuana as told by MMJ Doctor Online.

MmjDoctorOnline.COM The Truth About Crohn’s and Marijuana (cannabis)

MmjDoctorOnline.COM – Blog on Cannabis and can help with Crohn’s Disease and other IBD’s

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